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Plain Bread ( Roti Tawar)

IDR 55,000.00
Plain Bread ( Roti Tawar) 350 350

One loaf of wholesome plain bread ( 15 slices)
Stock up your vegan plain breads and keep them airtight!
(V) (EF) (DF)

FLAVORS include:
-Ube ( purple potato)
-Pink Dragon
-Turmeric Pumpkin
-Coconut Water

We recommend toasting the bread or heating it up in the microwave for 20 seconds prior to consumption. Store in room temp ( 3-5 days) , store in a fridge ( 1-2 weeks), store in a freezer ( 2-3 weeks)

All our products are Vegan, Egg and Dairy free (no milk, no butter), diabetic-friendly, preservatives free, and low in calories.

(V) Vegan, (EF) Egg free, (DF) Dairy free

Delivery details:
Jakarta area only by Grab/Gojek
Delivery will be on H + 2 when order is received before 12pm
Delivery will be on H + 3 when order is received after 12 pm