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Plain Bread ( Roti Tawar)

IDR 55,000.00
Plain Bread ( Roti Tawar) 346 346

Wholesome and full of nutrition with different healthy and natural flavors to choose from. 
Contains one loaf of Wholesome bread (15 slices)
Stock up your vegan whole wheat breads and keep them airtight!
(V) (EF) (DF)

FLAVORS include:
-Ube ( purple potato)
-Pink Dragon
-Turmeric Pumpkin
-Coconut Water

Store in room temp ( 3-5 days) , store in a fridge ( 1-2 weeks), store in a freezer ( 2-3 weeks)

All our products are Vegan, Egg and Dairy free (no milk, no butter), diabetic-friendly, preservatives free, and low in calories.

(V) Vegan, (EF) Egg free, (DF) Dairy free